söndag 31 maj 2015

Preliminary results

Results from the votings in the experiment:

Saturday 30/5, around 21:00 in the evening:
Dietary question.  22 persons voted initially, 12 persons voted in the 5 minutes long second round (2 alternatives got equal votes)
Result: of 3 alternatives the middle one won and I will change my diet accordingly. A moderate change.

Midnight Saturday 30/5-Sunday:
Datingquestion.  22 persons voted
Twitter voted in unison for the more radical path of action.

Saturday morning about 08:30:
Exercise question. 12 answers which again ended in a tie. 2 persons voted in the 5 minutes long second round. 2 persons sent me out running

Saturday morning around 09:00:
Clothes question. Three alternative outfits, divided into comfortable, elegant and casual. 9 votes for elegant, 5 for casual and only 3 for comfortable. Again, twitter went for the more radical option.

Saturday morning around 11:

Dating question. 19 answers, 15 for a more cautious approach, 4 for impulsive behaviour. Twitter sent me in a more responsible direction . It is to be expected that democracy has a longer perspective than short-term satisfaction.

Conclusion so far:
voting participation is sufficient for this experiment to work. The alternatives (which are all alternatives I seriously consider) seem to either divide my followers very evenly or be in complete unison over one decision. I can not predict the outcomes.
Some liberals have tried to get me to do what I want. Damn liberals, you make poor submissives! What I want is democracy! ;-)
How do I feel about this? Relieved to not have to make decisions. And it has changed my behaviour on most points of voting so far.

Thank you so much for participating!

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